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Jamie is currently developing more artworks made from casts of vulvas for which he will need many new models (over 18s only). These panels will be more specific in theme than previous ones. For instance the new vagina wall, MONDCIVITANO, will celebrate the women of the world. We are seeking one volunteer from each country to be cast. If you are from overseas and are visiting or you live here, then you may be able to get involved. Just click here for a list of countries that still need to be cast and please do get in touch.

Due to the great number of American women who get in touch but are disappointed to discover that USA has already been represented we have decided to cast a woman from every state in the union. So, American ladies, your COUNTRY needs YOU!!

Another way to demonstrate human diversity is to concentrate on extremes or on certain themes. Thus we are also seeking women who fit into these categories: If you have particularly large or small labia or you have anything you consider or know is unsual down there and are willing to anonymously share it with the world then do get in touch. For many women, modelling for these works has been a real watershed that alleviates personal anxieties. Once you cross that Rubicon you are free!

Other themes include women before and after having a first baby, before and after labiaplasty and before and after gender reassignment treatment.

We are also seeking a woman who has suffered from Female Genital Mutilation to be cast for a new piece intended to be auctioned to raise money and awareness for the cause. FGM is a growing problem in the UK. Jamie is working with UK FGM charities to realise this project.

If you are interested in modelling for any of these projects please get in touch via the contact page...

Great Wall of Vagina World Women

Jamie is constantly seeking new people (over 18s only) to model for his many and varied artworks, more of which you can see on JamieMcCartney.com. He prefers the synergy he finds with enthusiastic amateurs who are excited to be involved, although enthusiatic professionals are also welcome! As well as sculptures he is currently working on his Physical Photography series of experimental, life-sized, themed body portraits taken using an adapted document scanner (recently exhibited on London's Cork Street). Part of that series is focussing on underwear so if you have an extensive selection of lacy or sexy or fetish or funny or just plain clean smalls then do come on down :)

Literally anybody can take part - you don't have to be classically "beautiful" or look a certain way. However if you are a women with long, coloured or crazy hair and or tattoos/piercings then he's particularly keen and also men with very fit or muscular bodies and/or tattoos and piercings. For more information please get in touch via the contact page...

Great Wall of Vagina modelling

Jamie is keen to hear from public or commerical galleries anywhere in the world who may be interested in exhiting this work on its own or as part of a larger exhibition. See the Trienalle Design Museum exhibition or the Hay Hill Gallery solo show as examples.

Jamie is also seeking companies, organisations or individuals who may be interetsed in sponsoring any of the different aspects of the future of this and similar projects. Japanese lager, Asahi, sponosed the first public exhibition at the artist's studio in 2011. Spectrum Photographic sponsors the Physical Photography printing. Sponsors can help us take the sculpture to other cities in and out of the the UK. You may wish to sponsor a specific exhibition or a whole world tour.

If you are interested to discuss this unique opportunity please get in touch via the contact page...

Great Wall of Vagina sponsorship