The Great Wall of Vagina Book - SALE!

The Great Wall of Vagina Book - slightly damaged
The Great Wall of Vagina Book - slightly damaged
Price: £25.00

SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT STOCK SALE  (limited quantity - only available here!)
The regular book of the project - but slightly imperfect stock. For more information and images of inside pages see the full-price listing here.
We hate waste!! - So there is no way on earth we are going to throw these away just becasue the covers aren't quite perfect. Over the years every box of books we opened had one or two that had slight marks so we put them aside. Some books are ex-display and may show very slight wear. Other books might not have been stored properly and may have some wrinkles. BUT they are perfectly readable and they're cheap!
Most of them are only very minorly marked or damaged, some a little more so but those just look like new books that have been enjoyed already. They may not make the best gifts but if its for you then why not save almost 1/3 of the price and spend it on a mug or a soap instead!
It's pot luck which sort of imperfection you'll receive. We'll just grab the next best one in the pile. The sooner you order the better the book! We cannot accept returns of these so please appreciate this when placing your order :) 
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