Great Wall of Vagina mini panel

Great Wall of Vagina mini panel, cold cast aluminium
Price: £950.00

These are hand-sculpted miniature versions of panel 5 from The Great Wall of Vagina. Each individual vagina cast has been accurately and intricately reduced in size. This was a complicated and technically difficult process. Even though they are small, they’re still 40 things that needed to be accurately portrayed, including miniature piercings etc. These miniature panels represent the same amazing variety as the original casts.
Cold cast aluminium on a black granite base
Size: 33 x 20 x 2.5 cm
Signed, limited edition of 25
Cold cast aluminium contain about 80% aluminium that is ground to a fine powder then mixed with resin as a binder. There are then cast in the normal fashion at a fraction of the cost of foundry castings. The aluminium particles are polished with steel wool to a lustrous finish. These are shown as a free-standing sculpture on a stone base. Please state if you would prefer them to be wall hanging.
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