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Amor Veneris

Mu S-e-x - Palácio Anjos - Lisbon, Portugal

June 24 – Dec 30 2022

A Journey into Female Sexual Pleasure

Crowds at Amor Veneris Mu-sex launch June 2022Crowds at The Great Wall of Vagina at Amor Veneris Mu-sex launch June 2022

Conceived and curated by Marta Crawford, Amor Veneris features an exhibition layout by Os Espacialistas and works by artists Alice Geirinhas, Álvaro Leite Siza, Ana Mendieta, Ana Rito, Annette Messager, Clara Menéres, Ernesto de Sousa, Fátima Mendonça, Fernanda Fragateiro, Inês Norton, Isabel Baraona, Jamie McCartney, Janine Antoni, Julia Pietri — Gang du clito, Julião Sarmento, Laure Prouvost, Louise Bourgeois, Lourdes Castro, Maria Beatriz, Maria Souto de Moura, Marta María Pérez, Noé Sendas, Paula Rego, Polly Nor, Sara Maia, Sophia Wallace, Sue Williams, Susana Mendes da Silva, and Teresa Crawford Cabral.

Site-specific art by Ana Pérez-Quiroga, Ana Rocha de Sousa, Error-43, and perfumer Cláudia Camacho will also be presented. As an exhibition in which a dialogue between art and science plays a fundamental role, several interactive installations of a ludic-educational nature have been created to refer to the functioning of the brain and its senses, as well as audio-visual content by authors such as Lori Malépart-Traversy, Rachel E. Gross, Rankin & Trisha Ward, Daphné Leblond & Lisa Billuart Monet, and Erika Lust.


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The exhibition explores the theme of Amor Veneris (the clitoris) from an artistic and scientific perspective, seeking to provide an educational, provocative and irreverent experience. Amor Veneris — A Journey into Female Sexual Pleasure also aims to lead the public to reflect on the relevance of female sexual pleasure, and on fundamental issues such as consent, sexual violence against women, and the female sexual response, among other concepts that are inseparable from the experience of sexuality.

Marta Crawford


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