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The Women

The women are the real heroes of this story. Jamie says he was just the facilitator.

The women who volunteered to model for this project were putting their faith and trust in a little known artist because every one of them believed in what he was trying to do.

“Finding volunteers was not easy to begin with. People have asked how I did it and my answer is simple – I asked everybody with a vagina. That may seem flippant but it’s true. If you were a woman and you knew me back them, at some point I’d have asked you.”

Their age range is from 18-76 and include sisters, mothers and daughters and trans men and women. There was no editorial process; whoever wanted to do it was welcome. These women were from all social strata, a multitude or ethnicities and many different countries. What they had in common was the desire to see this project happen. It was vital this project to also give them a voice and explain in their own words what drove them to get involved. Below is a selection of their stories. Over a hundred appear in the dedicated book of the project.



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“I wouldn’t say I’d ever had a ‘close’ connection with my cunt, however I tried to ignore it as much as possible (my cunt and our non-existent friendship), because I couldn’t imagine that changing. For starters, it didn’t look like I thought good, proper, front bottoms should look- my inner lips were longer than the average porn stars’, my clitoris nestled lower than most judging by the photos I’d perused in google images…”

- Alexandra G


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