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Jamie McCartney talks to a group of visitors to The Great Wall of Vagina at the very first show


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" Gina Savo, Teacher-1st Grade, United States

This is truly marvellous. After having a 9lb 2 oz baby I have been obsessed with thoughts of how that changed me as a woman 4 years ago, psychologically, emotionally but even more so physically pertaining to my entire vaginal area. I feel like I haven’t received honesty from men when I’ve discussed general childbirth changes of the vagina with them, and I desperately wonder what’s been on the mind of any lovers I've had since the birth of my son. Can they tell? Did they see the scar? Am I still irresistible even after the trauma my body endured via vaginal human transport? We all have a biological need & right to feel appreciated, respected, even desired sexually, and especially after the life we’ve lived exists an infinite bible of stories each individual can tell but often never do in this avenue! The pain & pleasure & confusion… its like a smack in the face to me now, we cannot fully exist without acknowledging the truths & realities & mere existence that come from our tunnels of life and love. Lately I find myself even more enthralled by this entire part of humanity—our uniquenesses, those of our most “private parts” as they say in America, are just not celebrated enough nor are they respected enough in all their glory. For all the reasons & all the diversity, I’m so proud people like you exist. You’re a true ambassador, representing our very channels of existence in their most tangible & honest forms, exposing a part of the human condition we all share but are often afraid to even admit! Through this incredible art & within these incredible experiences, you’re forcing every observer, witness or participant to connect even in complete silence. It’s heavy & joyful, and completely rad

" Christina Blos, registered nurse, Germany

Dear Jamie, I am really quite impressed by the special and delicate topic you have chosen to work on. The fact that a male artist is supporting woman in this matter feels touching. Thank you for investing your energy into this! I had ordered postcards of the "Wall" a while ago. Amazing how powerful they are! Your art is truly liberating. I still hope to see a real exhibition one day! Wishing you all the best, dear Jamie! Thank you for making a difference!

" Sabine Meulenbeld, Sex Education, Netherlands

As a sex educator I have been referring to the great wall of vagina's for many years with great delight. I encourage teachers and social workers to talk about pleasure and provide their pupils with diverse material to increase knowledge about vulva anatomy. There is evidence that this increases genital self worth which is key in developing sexual autonomy. And sexual autonomy in it’s turn provides protection against sexual transgression. Each vulva displaced on the wall contributes to my goal: Reduce transgression by enhancing (knowledge about) pleasure. Thank you Jamie :-)

" kiran naik, plastic surgeon, India

compliments on a wonderful and thoughtful work of art.

" chris anthony, Consultant , United States

Thank you, Jamie for your body of work.

" Emily, United Kingdom

A friend took me to see the Great Wall of vagina in 2012. I didn’t think that deeply about it at the time (beyond a prudish ‘oh, I don’t know where to look!’), but stashed it somewhere at the back of the memory bank. Many years later, when I had my first child, I had quite a significant birth injury and the wall suddenly came back to me. I was reassured by the massive variety, and took a strange sense of comfort in thinking that I’d now be able to recognise myself if I was one of the casts. I look at it now and wonder about the 400 stories behind the 400 people who chose to take part. Thank you Jamie for such a powerful work of art.

" Irene, Birthcoach, Germany

Aloha! Thank you so much for your incredible piece of art! My dear friend cried tears of joy over your book and the dedication on page 1 <3 Her whole life is about women being seen and that's what you support with the great wall of vagina!

" Alessandra, Italy

Thank you Jamie for your art and your kindness :) The mini vagina panel I ordered online is marvellous, and your project is brilliant. It’s been a true pleasure to gift myself something so beautiful that can make change happen. To use your talent and your art to do something that matters for many: this is precious, and this is ART on so many levels. Thank you!

" Yuqi, China

THANK YOU for the artwork! It is absolutely beautiful and spectacular. It shocked me, and, what a relief! Since I saw part of mine in teen, fair came to me, and no further discovery was made about my vulva. After boyfriend sensed my anxiety, he showed me this wall. Now I finally realized that the shapes could be so diverse yet beautiful! I am able to appreciate my body even better.

" Janine, Germany

Thank you so much for this project. a few months ago I had to go to hospital for a routine check up. the doctor offered me a labia correction. from this day on I got so insecure. feeling not normal and even ugly. your project showed me there's beauty in so many ways.

" Naomi Peachey, United Kingdom

Your wall of vaginas literally changed my life... I was going to have labia surgery, convinced my labia were too long, had boyfriends comment that they were uneven... Even with all the risks, I was still going to do it, thought my pussy was supposed to look neat and tidy... I cried when I saw your artwork for the first time in Brighton, then and there, my insecurities were blown apart. Needless to say, I did not have the surgery! All your work is powerful, beautiful, raw, real, erotic and so much more that I don't have words for!

" Johanna Dehnelt, School, Germany

Hii Jamie!! Your art is INCREDIBLE! Your words in the videos and interviews inspire me so so much and your work is simply what I needed. I wanna thank you so much for bringing this into the world! Thank you Jamie!! Sending lots of love to u!

" Maria Silva, Professora Yoga , Portugal

Estou absolutamente encantada com este trabalho! Descobri o projeto através do livro "Pelvic Liberation" de Leslie Howard e acredito que é essencial falarmos cada vez mais do nosso corpo. Grata pela coragem, primazia e entrega!

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I am absolutely delighted with this work! I discovered the project through the book "Pelvic Liberation" by Leslie Howard and I believe that it is essential to talk more and more about our body. Grateful for courage, primacy and commitment!

" Cathy Gravelle, United Kingdom

I found this page through Mumsnet forum. It’s so easy to believe that somehow your vulva is “different”. This project simply reveals that we all are different and that is not only to be expected but to be respected. Thank you for carrying out this project. It really is a great service to women everywhere.

" Karen, Canada

Whoa! Now I’m curious as to how mine really look like. Haven’t really checked it out in detail in all my 50 years cause there’s one thing I know for sure - men don’t give a hoot what your vulva looks like, unless they’re gay and even then. And those supposedly ‘slit’ vulvas were/are a thing? Was surprised to learn of this. I always thought they looked less sexually appealing. Thank you so much for this AMAZING art installation!!!

" Kimberly, production worker, United States

Thank you for this beautiful display of vulvae. I didn’t know mine looked normal until I saw this. I’ve been made to feel like my vulva and vagina was broken and gross because there are no pictures of normal vaginas online. Only ones that are perfect or ones that “need surgery”. I can love my vagina now and know that it doesn’t matter what it looks like they all pretty much look the same. Wrinkled and weird, with droopy lips covering the hole. Thank you again!

" De la Torre Ana, Administrativa jubilada , Spain

He descubierto con mi última pareja, un hombre algo mayor que yo, él 66 y yo 61,que la vulva, los labios, en definitiva el sexo de la mujer, es bello de mirar... yo siempre creí que era algo feo. Ahora después de ver este trabajo tan divertido, me doy cuenta lo equivocada que estaba!!!

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I have discovered with my last partner, a man somewhat older than me, he is 66 and I am 61, that the vulva, the lips, in short, the woman's sex, is beautiful to look at... I always thought it was something ugly. Now after seeing this fun job, I realize how wrong I was!!!

" Ruzanna Orduyan, Armenia

Thank you for your authentic, empowering and meaningful artworks. The time will prove the real value of your works because so far they have been underrated.

" Deanna Elio, United Kingdom

I love this. My only wish is that we called things what they really are, by replacing 'vagina' with the word 'vulva' to clear up further misconceptions. Overall though, this is a gorgeous work and I'm sharing it with anyone who will look!

" Hannah, Estonia

I am incredibly greatful to whoever did this. You just made me cry in the middle of the night in my bed. I think i'll come back to this whenever i'm feeling insecure. Thank you so much! Please ceep going, way more people (girls!) need to see this!

" Stephen D, United Kingdom

I’m so impressed at this work. It’s strange to view all these beautiful vaginas without it being sexual, but it’s more than that. So may girls are shy, self conscious and embarrassed to have a normal and beautiful vagina. They are wanting to emulate the porn star pussy which is more a slit without any character. Now I feel mean saying this as a girl born within a porn star pussy still has a beautiful vagina. It’s just that everyone should embrace their own beauty. I’m not an expert but I’m sure that men’s penises are just as different but neither males or females are criticizing them for being different. It might be small it might be huge but it’s a penis, why girls can’t have the same attitude to their own bits saddens me. I have a beautiful partner with a beautiful vagina who is embarrassed and hates her vagina. This makes me so so sad as it’s beautiful, it’s hers, its unique and it’s exquisite. Come on girls embarrass your difference, it’s that which makes you beautiful.

" Laysa Mação Miranda, Student, Brazil

Your work is wonderful. It shows the world that vulvas aren't only like those we see on movies and those kind of things. Congratulations!

" Lily Rose, United Kingdom

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been trying to find pictures of vulvas that resemble mine, with both long outer and inner labia, several times, but only found it here! :)
Lily Rose, United Kingdom

" Tom Haines, Retired (I have a BFA in art from ECUs,NC, 1974), United States

First, congratulations on having the #1 work of art with the vulva as the subject, in the entire history of art. And, you had some major competition; going up against Gustave Courbet.”The Origin of the World.” and...ahhh... errr...hmmm...ahhh, that’s about it, up to and including mainstream film and cable TV. The penis may be filmed, up close, well lit, for an extended period of time, semi-erect, and now, fully erect. Actors equity has give the go ahead for showing a full erection in off-Broadway plays. The vulva, on the other hand has hand one mild exposure with Rasario Dawson in "Trance", unless you want to count the 1/4 second of Sharon Stone’s vulva line, from a distance, in heavy shadow in “Basic Instinct.” Wow, what an uproar that created. It’s still being talked about. Thank you for exposing a history long myth, that the vulva/vagina is ugly, gross, and discusting, and showing the world what it really is; beautiful, diverse, and a defining part of the female anatomy that should be admired, celebrated, and enjoyed by the whole human race, both male and female. 50% of British women and 54% of Australian women have never seen their own vaginas. This must be changed, as well as the words from a Hollywood actress, “You can feel it, you can finger it, you can f**k it, but don’t even think about looking at it."

" Leigh, United States

So grateful this work exists! Thank you for all that you do!

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