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" Kimberly, United States

Hi! I just wanted to say that your project is awesome (Great Wall of Vagina). If I ever have kids I will have this book in my house while they grow up. I was very self-conscious about my vagina, never EVER talked about it. I actually didn’t know what it even looked like until I was in my 20’s, and when I did muster the courage to take a peak, after much encouragement, I wasn’t sure I liked what I saw. I thought what I had was rather abnormal but figured I’d just accept it, then I saw your project!!!

Funny thing is, I’ve seen your project before but didn’t have the courage to really look at it or let it talk to me back then. I thought that it was obscene and guarded myself against thinking about it. After reading this article- (in which your project is mentioned) I figured I had too do it because I really wanted to come to accept what I had. It’s so weird that I would have ever felt threatened by this!!! Anyways, wanted to just write to say thanks for your work putting this project together!! This is a pretty great contribution :) Best, Kim

" Di Vuk, Croatia

Thank You for this. You don't know how huge thing you're doing and how different my life would be if i saw this before. Now it's too late for me, and my health, because it got ruined by labpl. But it isn't late for others and i honore and thank You for this. I thought i was different, hated myself and didn't wanna be with anyone. I think that it is important to have a sexual education in every country. We need to start loving ourselves the way we are. <3 We are all beautiful. Thank You, <3 keep on doing it, we love you

" Hayley Smith, United Kingdom

I love your work and the ethos behind it! Keep it coming, because more love for variation is sadly needed more than ever. I don't have an iPhone but would love your phone cover, if you ever expand your range out to a Samsung please email me! : )

" Rachelle, United States

You are doing a good thing here. You should feel good about the impact your work is having on others. Thank you.

" Cunnilo, IT-Consult, Germany

What a wonderful project to show every woman how different and "normal" every vulva is in this way! The way how beautiful the vulva seems like, is only depending on the females owner personality and carisma.

" Hanna, United States

I just want to say what a great thing this is. This piece helped me grow to accept my lady bit as it is, no matter what it looks like. This is awesome and such a confidence booster! Kudos to all of the women who participated. Beautiful.

" John LoMonaco, Plastic Surgeon, United States

As a plastic surgeon, I applaud this bold project that will no doubt help women understand the normalcy and individuality of their vulvas. When I see a patient, I limit my consultations only to those who have severe physical symptoms from excess tissues. In the past, this was an issue that was rarely discussed and almost never treated. As for purely cosmetic changes, well, they to stay. The Italian Renaissance values of form, simplicty, and clarity also apply to the human body. The ogee curve is beautiful in art, architecture, and anatomy. There are those people who wish to change their body parts to be closer to this ideal. While people may have an opinion on the moral and ethical righteousness of this, it is important to remember that no decision is more personal than what we chose to do with our own bodies.

" daniel singh, Sr Manager, India

Fantastic effort,work and achievement. My wishes to all those brave women for sharing their very personal secrets which has made general public very much informed and educative,making them come out of the myths about the details of the vagina. My sincere suggestion is to separate the natural vagina's from the labiaplasty Vagina's and organised by age. eg ist display of natural unaltered vagina's from 18 to 86 years old 2nd display of labiaplasty vagina's.age wise 3rd display of vagina's of transgenders age wise 4th display of vagina and clitoris pierced

" Helen James, United Kingdom

This important piece of art has allowed my daughter and I to discuss and explore how everyone is different and beautiful. She was able to share her thoughts and worries and to appreciate how normal and lovely she is. We also enjoyed being part of a fellowship of women, all different and all to be celebrated. I would recommend it to all parents.

" Catherine Macfarlane, Australia

I like your idea. everyone needs to know our parts are all normal, unique and beautiful. we don't need to look like porn stars to be beautiful, we need to appreciate how we were made.

" Tina, Austria

I saw your work on the documentary „The Perfect Vagina“ and I absolutely love what you did. Showing women that their vulvas are unique and nothing to be ashamed of is essential. Even though I think this way, I am a victim myself; thinking that my vulva is not pretty enough, not normal. More than once I have considered getting plastic surgery but thankfully I have never had it done. Watching the documentary though, and especially the parts about your project, the Great Wall, has motivated me to really like my vulva. We are not on a 100% yet, but we are working on it. THANK YOU

" Anna, United Kingdom

Upon viewing your project I was filled with a mixture of emotions, including wonder, relief, and appreciation - appreciation not just for the beauty and differences of the female form, but for your project, which celebrates the female form. I can't begin to imagine the wonderful things your project has done for people, women and men alike, all over the world.

" Charlie, Australia

I think this study is a very good thing for every woman to check out so it shows they are normal. It is not a pervert show, it is real life art. Every Woman is different and so is every man. At some stage of ur lives we must accept that we are all 'normal'

" Erik, United Kingdom

I just wanted to say this is a great work of art. I am an FTM transgender (not transsexual, my body is still completely unaltered, sadly), and seeing all these vaginas... specifically those of other FTM people makes me feel much more at ease with myself. Having a vagina and being a man doesnt necasserily have to contradict, I see that now. I still hate my anatomy with all of my body, but I can at least feel a bit more peace in the fact that I am simply born this way and will necer have a real penis now.

" Brenda, United States

This is wonderful!!! I grew up thinking something was wrong with me because all I saw were the perfectly shaped vaginas in my Dad's playboy magazines (not realizing these were photo shopped and touched up)... it is such a relief to see that I am completely normal and these vagina's are the norm! Thank you!!!

" Rachel, Canada

I've always hated the way my vagina looks. Your art has made me realize that my vagina isn't necessarily ugly simply because I don't have one that is identical to the ones constantly seen in pornography. It's helped me be less self conscious about it. Thank you for that.

" venus, United Kingdom

hi very nice... thanks please tell me about cost of this art.

" Janey, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for your work. It is amazing to see a true representation of the variety between vulvas. It gives me a lot of confidence and I wish I had seen this years ago!!

" Liliane Top, Fine Artist, Netherlands

Art can change the world. Thank you for this work, I wish it had my name on it.

" Michael Moreno, The Great Wall of Vagina, India

I have heard for the first time "vagina" in The Great Wall of Vagina. It's a big Hit. The Whole world knows The Great Wall of China. I like your idea. You are really a true Artist. I know you have future plans on Exhibition. Would love to see your Art work in tits too.

" richa, India


" Iveta Fialová, Czech Republic

Wow! The great wall of vagine is nice project because my self-confidence is very great now . Thank you very much.

" A. Nonny Mouse, United Kingdom

Thank you for this amazing project. I have issues with my vagina for most of my teenage + life (about 15 years). I thought it was abnormal and my first serious boyfriend confirmed it was when I confided my fears to him when I was 16. He watched a lot of porn and I was his first serious girlfriend. I have always been extremely self conscious and have just started a relationship with someone who I have cared about very much for a long time. This has really been playing on my mind as I don't want to disappoint him so finally got up the courage to do a google search. I wish I had done it sooner and saved myself years of needless misery. We need these discussions in schools and other places. There is so much stigma attached to the v-word. It seems normalised for male genatalia to be discussed but it's always seemed so more secretive with the female anatomy. I had no idea up until now that what I have is normal. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much you have changed my perception of myself.

" Sophy, United States

I love this project.

" Anna, Registered Nurse, United States

Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience! As a women's health nurse, I am frequently asked what normal female genitalia look like and I am excited to now refer patients to this site. I also encourage people to explore the color variations of female genitalia - flesh of black, browns, pinks, and reds blended many different ways; and hair of various colors, textures, and distribution. Every woman is unique and your Great Wall of Vagina really emphasizes that.

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