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" Del Wadia, India

I never been to UK, but I have read about this in Indian Newspaper (Times Of India). I visited the site, I liked the concept. Its great. I have extended idea of this: This can be separated with countries i.e. each board from different country. It make us to understand the physical health of the people, how they are successful in their sexual lives and why, how they are careful about their organs, and on the top of the everything: we can understand which part of world women required medical helps from different NGOs. So we can get 1000 information about women of different part of the world

" Femi Vaughan, Lawyer, Nigeria

This project is really awesome and is a real eye opener for men too. I always thought my girlfriend protruded a little "too much" down there because I mentally compared her genitalia to those of other women I've been with but after seeing everything from the "labia-less" to the "labia-full" on The Great Wall of Vagina, I realized how myopically ignorant I've been. We are so definitely getting married now!!!

" Jenn, Teacher, Canada

I just wanted to say THANK-YOU so much! I have been self conscious about my vagina, especially my labia, for as long as I can remember, but your artwork has made me feel so much better about myself. The 'media' portrays all vaginas to look practically identical, with little to no labia - you have proven that this is simply not the case and I have found confidence in myself and, if I may say so, confidence in my vagina, that I don't think I've ever had before! Awesome artwork. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!

" Cybil Solyn, Esthetician, United States

I remove hair from vagina's all day long and am constantly asked by women if theirs looks normal. I always say "Yours looks like a vagina, and all vagaina's are beautiful and perfect as they are. I've never seen two that are the same, each is unique and beautiful like a snowflake." All of which is shown with this art piece! Look at the twins, the mom and daughter, all the varieties. No two are the same, and each is perfect.

" Andy Cooke, Carpenter, United States

I heard about your project on the radio this morning. Curious, I looked at the site. Truly it brought tears to my eyes. Well done. Every woman I know has "body issues", and I feel your project will make a difference. Even if just one person feels more confident for your exhaustive contribution to modern culture you have been successful, but I think you will impact many thousands if not millions with this installation. I look forward to seeing it when and where I can, and also to your future work. Bravo to everyone involved with or supporting this effort.

" Elysse, United States

Thank you for your work. For a long time I have been concerned with how my vagina looks. I hated that one side is a little longer than the other. I was seriously considering having labiaplasty to correct it. After doing research and seeing the documentary called “The Perfect Vagina” I realized that there was no issue to correct. This documentary is where I first saw your amazing sculpture. I am glad you decided to do this piece of work. It has helped me realize that, like fingerprints, no two women are alike. Your work has and will help countless numbers of women overcome their insecurities and realize there is no reason to be ashamed.

" Echo F, student, United Kingdom

I was linked to you site through an online debate about a recent performance of the play Vagina Monologue in China. The play had been revised and played in many universities in China but recently a series of promoting photos by a group of female students caused a roar of curses online. I was shocked by my countrymen's repulsive response to the students who were doing nothing more than saying the plain truth: women's body need to be respected. I hope one day the majority of Chinese men can look at your website with respect, not with curse, but I doubt when.

" Sandra, Macedonia

Original, inspiring, liberating and beautiful. The world needs artists that through their art they are sending a message to the world, I am especially affected by the fact that you are a man who came up with the idea.Things like that make me believe in better tomorrow.Thank you and bravo :)

" Heather Mascheck, Docent, United States

After stumbling upon some rather sexist depictions of vaginas that were obviously drawn and described by a man who doesn't understand or have any respect for women what so ever I was clearly upset. So, my wonderful boyfriend showed me your work and I just wanted to say thank you. Seeing how unique and lovely every woman is really helped me appreciate and accept the way I look. This project is amazing!

" Karen Litos, Women's Health Physical Therapist, United States

Jamie, Love this display and so helpful for women to view the wide range of 'normal.' I am presuming you purposely used artistic license with the catchy title but just to clarify for women everywhere, these are castings of the vulva, not the vagina (on the inside). Thanks for your artwork, hope I get to view it in person some day!

" penelope, artist/sculptress, United Kingdom

As woman I found your work to be fascinating, informative and liberating. I had no idea how individual each woman's vagina is. They are as different as fingerprints. I am sure I am not alone in having never seen another woman's vagina and also not alone in wondering if my own was attractive, normal or somehow flawed in appearance. Men do not share this experience, as a gender you witness each other's penis's from an early age, communal urinals an' all. We don't share this experience, you quench the curiosity in your work. I can openly say I studied my own and then referenced it to your wall, astounded at the variety and totally reassured that my own little pleasure palace was unique, beautiful and perfect. Thank you for the privilege and thanks too to all the women who contributed. You rock!

" Jamie, Social Media/Creative, United States

I don't know why, but I have been freaking out about my labia and wanting to get surgery lately. I stumbled upon your videos about your Wall of Vaginas just now (Im not even done watching all of them) and I'm just so blown away by this project and the meaningful nature of it for women. Thank you for doing this. I'm in New York...but I would LOVE to be a part of this project. I think this is the most socially relevant project our society needs - for men and women! Body image is a huge huge deal. I know for myself, it really effects m confidence levels when I wonder if I'm 'ugly' down there, or if my stomach is too fat, my nose is too big, my hair is too dry...these are things that sounds so superficial but the truth is, we have been brainwashed to believe that we are SUPPOSED to look a certain way and it bothers us to the core root of our beings as humans if we feel we don't fit into that mold, it's basic survival!

If we don't fit in, we suffer - we are cast out, left behind. It's not superficial at all. We are fed these ideas of beauty and perfection and then are condemned for being "insecure". Even after seeing your work, I can't help but feel "oh, if only I had a prettier one - I know men prefer hardly any labia at all - after all..Why was porn created with that ideal to begin with? There must be a reason it wasn't the other way! But.......I feel so much better, like I"m starting a healing process with my self image after seeing that so many other women have what I have. I'm quite average actually..if not beautiful. I'm sure whatever partners I have in my life will have seen it all before, and that, alone, makes me feel more comfortable. I have a totally new appreciation for the female anatomy after seeing how beautiful these women's flowers are and that it really is just a part of who we is normal and glorious.

" Mark Westmoreland, World Leader, United States

Your work is wonderful and I love what you are doing with your art.

" Madeleine , Canada

I came across your project the other day after myself and a friend struggled for quite some time to draw anything that resembled a vagina. Having one myself and being the worse off vagina artist it was a pretty interesting experiment and of course surprising that the owner of one would be so oblivious to it's finer details of appearance. This lead to google... obviously, we were looking for REAL vaginas rather than the designer vaginas we are well aware of from our pornos. You seem to be somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to this fully spread display of such a variety, everything else we came up with was shite, frankly. You know, I liked it because of all the male genitalia we are confronted with, whether it be the statue of david, dicks drawn on a drunk guys face or middle school papers, and dildos galore, the most we ever see of the female parts day to day is the wispy bush of late night television or renaissance art, the mysteries beneath remaining such a mystery that I, a female, cannot shed some light on the subject pictorially on command. Thanks, I could honestly look at them for hours and not get bored

" Jose Luis Sandoval Orozco, Mexico

¡ what a beautiful work and what a beautiful models¡¡¡ I wiil apply this idea for woodcarving vulva in boxwood¡¡¡. Thanks Jamie for this Masterpiece.

" R. H., United States

Thank you for your art. It addresses an issue that needs far more attention. I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me because no one told me how we all look different. I am horrified that women will have labioplasty surgery just because they have never learned to appreciate their own uniqueness. keep spreading your art around the world!

" Stef, language teacher, Austria

Thank you, Jamie & models & collaborators! This is such an important contribution to the re-volution of the gaze, the revolution that can transform everyting that comes after, the one revolution that this world so badly needs (and is fortunately getting more of by the hour). Looking forward to seeing more projects like this one!

" Sheila , Psychology major (full time student), Missouri, USA, United States

This is beautiful. I really like this a lot, and it has helped me to overcome some body esteem issues as well. I live in America and I think this sort of art is very underrated. This kind of art needs to be mainstream here! Hopefully more people and museums will hear of your work so that your pieces can be showcased more around the States. Thank you for your hard and time consuming work!

" L A Clayton, United States

Vagina's are definitely a work of art. I was referred to this site by my gynecologist when I asked about vaginal rejuvenation. I'm happy to discover that I am perfect already. Thanks.

" Niki, Germany

This is such an outstanding piece of art. I think this is extremely important as women nowadays are being told constantly that if they don't look a certain way down there there must be something wrong with them and the best "cure" is to get it "sorted out". Of course this is complete nonsense, and just as Penises, Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes. I think this is such an important issue to address. You have my full support.

" Les, United States

I had a girlfriend back 20 years ago and she was so worried that her inner labia was too large...Why do women worry about this stuff so much? I love all vaginas (except the pierced ones, why abuse yourself that way?) I thought she had a gorgeous vag., as a matter of fact, in all my years I've never seen one I didn't think was at least pretty, especially considering what they can do, it's pure form following function into beauty!

" Ron, United States

This brilliant! My late partner and I stumbled across a similar type of exhibit that focused on breasts. The female artist took photos of womens' breasts from belly button to shoulders. Similarly, they varied in size, shape, color, you name it. Not only were no two sets of breast alike, no two breasts in any of the sets were the same. LIke you, I find it amazing that women are self conscious about a part of their body that they rarely see. Thanks for doing a grand service for all women, and as a result, all men.

" Katie Tinne, United Kingdom

This is so important. I feel liberated to see it because I understand myself to be normal and loose my hangups. I want to my daughters to feel equally as reassured as I am by seeing this and hope that it will still be around in ten years time when they are old enough to be reassured.

" janina, United Kingdom

These beauties are like fingerprints-unique, nothing can women happier than the sight, you're great

" Meg, United Kingdom

Despite the efforts of my lovely parents to bring me up with positive body-image, society did it's best for me and as a result of some vulgar jokes in school and porn, I came to believe that my vagina was a totally ugly anomaly, a grotesque and hideously deformed accident. At the age of about 14, I actually tried to 'tie off' my inner labia like farmers do to little lambs tails, to cut off the circulation and make them drop off- because I thought they weren't supposed to be there. Nudist camps, the Vagina Monologues, friends, reassuring sexual health prefessionals, and sex- nothing at all has made me forgive my vagina for being totally normal until now. Not so far to go now to believe myself beautiful! Thank you for ever.

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