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" Melissa Main, Australia

You may like a new song of mine somewhat influenced by your work: "Designer Vagina" Thanks so much :D

" Jane, Student, Belgium

THANK YOU! I believed my vagina was the example of utter weirdom, even though I realized that those porn-vaginas are often not real. But what is real then? My vagina! I even come to like it after seeing all those different beautiful flowers. Sigh :) You artwork is perfect for sexual RE-education of all ages.

" Alexandre Goncalves, Faturista, Brazil

Ola , estou aqui a parabenizar o seu trabalho que ate entao eu nao conhecia , e fiquei a saber atraves de um artigo no site do Yahoo.A Grande Muralha da Vagina é uma obra de excepcional importância para a compreensão das mulheres da imagem do seu corpo ,eu acredito que há uma grande necessidade por parte dos jovens para obter mais informações sobre seus corpos sexuais e que é normal, e os riscos de certas formas de cirurgia plástica na qual eu seja totalmente contra, ao contrario de seja nescessario realmente uma intervencao cirurgica . Um grande e forte abraco e parabens pelo trabalho !!! Ass : Alexandre G.

" Shannon, Canada

Dear Mr. Mccartney, I need to thank you for literally changing my life. For years, I have walked about, believing that I am carrying something ugly and unnatural. My vagina was an embarrassing secret that I hated and felt uncomfortable sharing, even with my loving partner. I have been on a clandestine search for images of vaginas that resemble mine – but cartoon slits and tidy porn lips only served to reinforce my fears. My friend showed me your “Great Wall of Vagina” online, and within seconds I was weeping. After Panel 1, I had cried away years of shame and self-loathing. The next day was euphoric. And now begins my quest to start loving myself again. As my friend said when she saw my reaction, “this is true art!”

" Kathrine Page, Gallery director, Spencer Hill Gallery, Corning, NY, United States

Thank you for your work, and for what you are doing to bring an awareness (and reassurance to women) to the varieties of shapes, sizes, and medical issues to the most beautiful part of the human female anatomy. As such, why are you (and so many others) referring to vagina, when, in reality, it's the vulva? Also, have you considered Female Genital Mutilation as a way of bringing more awareness to the plight of "Half the Sky" as chronicled in the documentary, "Half the Sky"? Again, thank you for your work. Yours sincerely, Kathrine

" Tiffany, SousChef, United States

AMAZING ! Simply amazing.

" Sali Kelley, teacher, Italy

Jamie My boyfriend and I saw your work here in Milan last month..we loved the Kama was so fun. Your work it particular made an impression on me. As women, so often we are defined by what we see in magazines, film, on the net..Tumblr..and other sites.There is so much to be found if you look. But sadly a lot of it is staged, airbrushed, photoshopped..not "real". So many women have body issues..and genitalia issues..I never knew I needed to have those, until Tumblr came along. All of a sudden I had something else to worry about..another part of my body not meeting the standards, not perfect. Your work has taken the self-loathing, the worry, the shame possibly? out of a very personal body part that we all have. We need to rejoice in, and embrace our differences, stop the self hating behaviour, and just accept ourselves for what we are..beautiful, imperfect creatures, human beings. All different, but all with the right to be loved, by ourselves, and others! Thank you!!

" Lorena Pontes, teacher, Brazil

First I want to apologize for my bad English. I am delighted with the art of McCartney! Coming from a trip to Chile, I got a magazine in the airport (Status), took a quick look. When I got home I read the magazine more calmly and found an article that talked about this artist and his art. I decided to search the site and found an amazing job! I'm here right now commenting and sharing on my Facebook.

" DGO Margot, teacher gynaecological examination, Netherlands

I highly appreciate your 'Great Wall of Vagina' project, Jamie! As a teacher gynaecological examination (at Radboud University Medical Centre and throughout my own training institute 'DGO Margot') I communicate with a lot of students physicians, doctors, midwives and women patients/clients... When it comes to the vital parts, insecurity is vividly an issue many women deal with; your 'Great Wall of Vagina' provides such an eye opening view for so many women (and men)! Congrats on this project Jamie. Wishing you and women nation it will travel around the world and contribute to much more (self)tolerance and acceptation! DGO Margot – teacher gynaecological examination, the Netherlands

" Jenna, United States

The Wall is such an incredible idea and truly beautiful! Thank you for showing me and everyone that we are all "normal" and unique in our own way. I feel so much less insecure seeing this and I wish everyone else could too. The Wall really makes me feel that the human body is beautiful and is something to appreciate and admire rather than be ashamed of. Thank you so much for your work!

" Zoe, United States

Fascinating and valuable. Thank you.

" Sina, Canada

I would like to say thanks Jamie for this master piece you made, I was really amazed with this intellectual art work. I wish I have a chance to come to UK to visit The Great wall of Vagina!

" Melinda, United Kingdom

Dear Jamie, Can I just say that you have given me the greatest gift you ever could. In medical journals and sex education etc we are shown a vagina, its always a thin slivered line in cartoon style. Then I look at my own - and even as a teenager, get a shock, because it looks old and wrinkled and thick and messy. Then to see your wall (a few years ago) and know that I'm not worse than most. I freak out no more. I am embarrassed no more. Thank you.

" Zahra T, Canada

Thanks for your innovative approach to break this taboo. Here is a poem with sarcastic theme that I said lately inspired by your work. It is also related to my ex husband leaving me last year. Hope you like it:) Vagina wall Oh shoot, of course it makes sense, Of course it is so natural, Of course you were right and I was wrong, Wasn’t I the one who showed you the vagina wall sculpture made by that UK artist? Wasn’t I the one who got surprised with the variety of their shapes? Oh, didn’t I also wish to be there as one of the models? I do confess here again and again that I suffer from short memory, damn it And I stood there selfishly in front of you to stop you from going, When you wanted to discover vagina world by your own hands, tongue and penis, I cannot believe how ignorant and self-centered I am sometimes, You went through this much pain for your simple right and I was there to torture you with my eyes, What an asshole I was ZT

" Amanda, United Kingdom

Hi, actually just saw you on Russel Howard's good news in the UK and had to look things up in more detail! I'm so happily surprised to finally realise that my body is normal.For years all I've had to compare with is in porn and I've thought that my vagina is totally weird for not essentially being a hole with nothing around it! and now I know that actually it's totally normal and average. I'm a Biologist too...I should know better but I guess society has somehow made me feel ugly despite being otherwise decent-looking. Hopefully I'll now be able to have sex without feeling self-conscious every time someone looks down.

" Renee, New Zealand

I was at my regular check up at the gynecologist last week and her use of the word 'normal' prompted me to ask if she had heard of Jamie McCartney and the Great Wall of Vagina. She was delighted I mentioned it and expressed how unhappy her and her co-workers were with the the recent trend of woman being insecure with their vaginal area and how common it was becoming that patients were seeking consultations regarding cosmetic alterations. She now directs such patients to Google The Great Wall of Vagina and the documentary's, articles and interviews that relate to it. According to her this work has made a fundamental change in woman's perceptions of 'normal' and made her patients more comfortable and confident of their own bodies. I'm sure you have heard this a million times already but I just wanted to make sure you knew that this work is making a positive difference in our little corner of the world too!

" Abigail, student, United States

I first heard of this project on a feminist blog I follow, and my attention was instantly captured. What a stunningly beautiful, vitally important, and socially ground-breaking piece of art this is! Considering that every single person on the planet came out of a vagina, or was formed through a vagina (don't want you to think I'm leaving out c-section babies!), you'd think we'd have a more comprehensive respect and appreciation for it. On behalf of every woman who has a vagina, and every man (or woman) who enjoys vaginas, THANK YOU! Brilliant tribute to a brilliant subject.

" Sturla Einarson, Sound Designer, Norway

I liked Your wall, and the Idea behind it. I have met some woman in my long life, and they also sounds, and think in different shades. Acoustically, from the great wall of woman tryhing to hit the root chord in a C major angry, or the great wall of snoring women. I hope your work will inspire others to everything from the Great Wall of differences, to the great wall of understanding. Thousand women who snore in harmony, can go from being a nightmare, to be one beautiful and poetic symphonic event.

" Vedrana, Croatia

I think that this project is brilliant! Untill a few years back, I was also convinced that my (and maby all) vaginas are ugly; an eye opener for me was one great book about sex and sexuality that explained the same thing as your art did: that there's no normal or abnormal "vagina look" and that all of our body parts are special. I hope that your work will help many women (and men) to experince the same epiphany as I did. Congratulations, see you in Milan! P.S did you consider doing something similar with penises?

" li lei, China

well done! now i can know the vagina better! thank you

" Peter Greenhouse, Consultant in Sexual Health, United Kingdom

The Great Wall of Vagina is a work of exceptional importance for women's understanding of body image, and one which the UK's Sexual Health specialists and Gynaecologists would like to see publicised as widely as possible to help stem the tide of young women requesting unnecessary labial reduction surgery. Quite apart from that motive, the [SKIN DEEP] exhibition also contains other beautiful works of photography and sculpture. It should therefore be socially and ethically newsworthy enough to warrant attention and debate.

" Marge Berer, Editor, RHM Journal, United Kingdom

I believe there is a great need on the part of young people for more information about their sexual bodies and what is normal, and the risks of certain forms of cosmetic surgery, in the midst of what has been called a body-changing culture, which is becoming pervasive in this and many other societies. I published an issue of the journal Reproductive Health Matters, of which I am the editor, on cosmetic surgery in May 2010. The content1 indicates just how much attention this subject is getting in countries as diverse as the UK, Brazil and Burkina Faso. Any hope of making a dent in young people’s lack of information at a national level, and giving them a chance to ask questions and express their fears and concerns before they have their labia excised or put rings through their penises, calls for a multimedia approach. Jamie is taking this approach as an artist and I believe it can make a difference, e.g. by encouraging teachers of sex and relationships education to use educational materials like the Wall in their classrooms.

" Charlotte, United Kingdom

Hi just wanted to say how stunning the exhibition is in Cork St. I sat across the street from it all week and finally got in to see it on Saturday. I am sure I am joining many women in saying thank you for putting my mind at rest. Nough said!

" Kimberley, United States

Thank you Jamie, your work does exactly what you set out to do. I feel better now!

" Julie, Canada

I want to personally thank you, Jamie, for The Great Wall of Vagina. This work finally (finally!) presents women with what we look like, what is "normal", what is OK, what our lovers see and love and are turned on by during intimate moments. As an adult woman (36) trying to see what other vuIvas look like ( as recently as a month ago), asking female friends if they too wonder what others look like, comparing and showing my vulva with close friends, I always came out with the frustration of how men see each other's genitalia so easily in changing rooms and whatnot and how for women, porn seems to have this quasi labia-less pink orifice that does not resemble ours. The real-life comparison always stops at two, maybe three vulvas, if a hetero woman is lucky enough to have such friends who will giddily pull down their pants and open up. Of course Obgyns and midwives get their fair share of exposure but when I look up vagina or vulva on the Internet, I get few images and most are either of the porn variety or diseased. It pretty much sums up society's perception of women' s sexuality, I suppose. So again, thank you. For the first time, I am able to see what I have been looking for and know it is from a trustworthy source. I'm sure I am the hundredth person to drone on and on about this but please understand how even in 2012, in our seemingly fore-thinking world, it was, until your work, impossible for a regular woman like me to see this.

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