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" Morten, Norway

I read about your project in the newspaper today. What an important project! I hope it contributes to raise girls and womens’ confidence about their own body. I gave the link to your website to my teenage daughters so they can see how different women are. Well done!

" Jayne, United States

This is the first piece of artwork I've seen my entire life that has actually had an impact on me. I've been waiting my whole life for that one moment you hear about where a piece of art actually moves you. I'd begun to think that was only for the truly artistic minded because that just never happened for me. This did. I love the concept, the execution, the humor. I love everything about it. It makes me so happy that you chose to do this and for the reasons you did. Thank you.

" Michele, United Kingdom

Using art to expose the insanity of mutilation - and to celebrate the beautiful uniqueness of each and every woman - is something that totally resonates for me. Such a complicated area is sexuality - taps into the deepest parts of us, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hence the exploitation. Very sad, but a reality - your exhibition and words can help to prevent brutal and invasive surgery, whilst enhancing confidence and self esteem. You clearly work from the heart - tis the only way to live! Thank you again - really made my day.

" BJ, United States

I think your work is wonderful. Thank you for being fearless.

" Lynne, United States

This is just a fan letter. I'd never heard of you or the Great Wall until today, when I was Googling vaginas and penises (I seem to be preoccupied with this and--also an artist—I am beginning vagina and penis drawings/paintings). Your reasons for making this a subject are very different from mine--that said, I am entirely delighted with the Great Wall of Vagina, and the videos about the project. Thanks for this terrific work. Confessions of a fellow artist: every now and then--not often-- I see work and think: wish I'd done that. So it is with the Great Wall. It's way more interesting however because you are a man, and I do wonder if you get blow back from women who say "How dare you? You've no right in this territory. Anyhow, thank you again. I will follow you with interest.

" Maria, United States

Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for signing the book I bought, I didn't expect that. Also, it turns out that over here in the U.S.A. it's really fun to receive envelopes that say "Royal Mail" on the postage. I'm reading the book in small sections each night before I go to bed and I wish I could show it to everybody I know but I may have to scrounge up some courage because I know most of them would be horrified and wonder what was wrong with me if I’m reading such a thing! Thank you for creating this project!

" Debbie, United Kingdom

Hi Jamie, I have just stumbled upon your work and think that we used to know each other, many years ago (you had a dog, I had two?) Either way, whether you are who I think you are or not and whether you remember me or not I just had to get in touch and tell you that I really admire your Great Wall of Vagina project. How beautiful, how liberating and how very important a piece. Fascinating, inspired and thought provoking.

" Stephanie, United Kingdom

To the creator of the Great Wall of Vagina! I often look at videos and forums about whether having a large labia is normal, and since I've grown it's become more of a concern (OK I'm only 17 so I'm not that old!) I occasionally look at videos on Youtube about large labias and if it's 'normal'. It's not uncommon for me to come across a video about people having cosmetic surgery done which made me want to have it even more- just to be 'normal'. I was very pleased to have come across your video about your project, it's completely changed my attitude towards everything. I've never mentioned my worries about how I 'look' but since I viewed your videos posted on Youtube- which then lead me to your website, I feel more confident and accepting. I think your project will change many women's lives as well as peoples perception and awareness. You mentioned that the main focus of this project was the beauty of it, and secondly was the purpose. I strongly believe that your work has projected beauty, diversity and acceptance to the public. The message that your work has portrayed is unbelievable - especially for an art lover like myself! It's easy to say that every one is different, but to see and experience the beauty of it is truly an honour.

" Maria, Brazil

Hi! I found your work very interesting and would love to visit your gallery particularly to see The Great Wall of Vagina. I am a Brazilian gynaecologist and obstetrician and my research interests are in perineal care. A group of friends, midwives and childbirth activists, have also heard of your work and we would like to visit your gallery.

" Jordan, United States

Dear Jamie, I just came across your work on The Great Wall of Vagina and I'm not sure the word 'fantastic' is an adequate descriptor. I am thrilled almost beyond words to see your work in public and to see someone like you working to change this perception. Once again, kudos to you for a fantastic piece of work. If only all the women in the world could see this.

" Sharon, Australia

Hi Jamie ! how are you? LOVE your vagina work and wanted to ask a question. I'm currently writing a book on vagina's - I used to be a Brazilian waxer and my number one question was "am I normal"? With this in mind I wanted to spread the good word on our lady bits and relieve the anxiety women suffer. I would really love to include photographs of your 'Great Wall of Vagina" in my book (just a section of the wall would be fine). I've seen thousands of fannies (as I'm sure you have too) so I know that no two vaginas are the same, but I need some images for my readers to see for themselves. Is this something you would be willing to do? I live in Australia, but my husband is from the UK so we are looking at travelling over next year - would love a cast of my vagina!! Anyway, hope to hear from you soon, keep up the fabulous work!

" Anita, Canada

What a wonderful thing you've done. Your work is beautiful and such an eye opener. I really had no idea there was so much variety among us, and all of it is normal. Also, the videos were great in showing how it all came about and gave an exceptional understanding of the project's purpose.

" K D, Canada

Hello, I'm basically emailing because I admire how you have changed so many women's perspectives about what a vagina is "suppose" to look like, verses what a "real life" vagina is. I've always wondered what everyone else looked like, but I wasn't about to ask a friend to show me hers. So, this has really helped me feel good about mine. I know you hear this all the time because this art piece has, no doubt, gotten a lot of recognition. But I do hope that you can feel the love that these women have for you, because YOU are the person that could change our minds, and did. I'm amazed at how art can have such a great impact on people, and you really "hit the spot" on this topic. I don't even know if any of this is making sense, haha, (it made sense in my head) but I hope you can decipher it and take from it that you've changed my mind at least; and in that have achieved your goal. I may not know you or ever have met you, but if I ever find myself in England again I will certainly be emailing you to book an appointment for a vaginal cast. And if you tour to Canada make sure you make it to the far east, and I will see you here in Newfoundland.

" Kerry, Canada

I want to express my thanks for your exhibit "The Great Wall of Vagina". I have often found myself wondering about whether or not my 'bits' are attractive - or even acceptable. It is unfortunate that the world has become so judgmental about a person's looks but willingly overlooks character flaws if a person is deemed attractive/acceptable. I agree with your premise that it should not matter what a person's privates look like. Thank god we all look different. How boring would it be if we all looked the same - which it seems many in society believe we should move towards. It is not my intention to pay for the yacht of some plastic surgeon who is willing to cut my flesh to get to my money. My body and my money will remain intact. I think your work is inspiring. I wish you much success & happiness.

" Jo, United Kingdom

Hi Jamie, my flatmate went to see your exhibition particularly for the great wall of vagina on Friday and said it moved her to tears!! gave her my second copy of the signed book from you & she is thrilled.. she's told her friends to all go see it this week, hope it is going great for you!

" Monica, United States

You are such an amazing artist. The work that you have done is so meaningful and impactful. After being married for ten years my husband insulted my body during an argument in a way that literally crushed me. I thought I could never be with anyone else again. He was my lover, my friend, and family. I never could have imagined someone, much less the person whom I trusted most in the world, insulting me and hurting me so profoundly. I was left alone and most of all feeling abnormal and ugly. One night in my desperate search to find what a normal vagina looks like, I came across “The Great Wall of Vagina”. I can honestly say that this work of art was a step in the right direction. What a remarkable concept. Thank you and I hope to see it in person one day.

" Janice, United Kingdom

So very cool! So informative and down to earth.. for both the wall of vagina and the panels of penis! Brilliant And Fun!

" Viktoria, United States

Thank you for presenting this piece of artwork. For many, many years I have felt exactly as you described..... like I was different.... I can see, without shame, that I am not! Thank you for being so bold as to produce such a piece... or pieces... I agree that the new trend for cosmetic surgery to create the "perfect" puss is absurd and I hope that your works of art deter women and help them to feel more comfortable with themselves. Again, thank you for bringing this conceptual piece of art to the public! I wish I was in the UK to come visit, and become one of your volunteers!

" Christine, United Kingdom

26. When I saw your beautiful work for the first time in a magazine at the hairdressers, it was embarrassing because I cried. I then went onto your web page and watched the various clips and did the virtual gallery. As soon as possible I will be coming to Brighton to see it in person. I am a 59 year old woman who has had four children and I have only ever seen my own vulva and my daughter’s vulvas. When I compared myself to media images of vulvas I always felt ugly. (My husband thought I was silly for thinking that). Your sculpture is liberating and wonderful. I have recommended it to my daughters and friends. I’ve never spoken of how I feel about my vulva to anyone except my husband (and now you). This was a great thing to do. I wish I had seen when I was reaching puberty. How reassuring it would have been! Turns out I pretty much look like everyone else more or less J Thank you so much.

" Kate, Australia

Jamie, I’m 17 and was really self-conscious about my 'lady parts'. I was already thinking about having surgery to 'fix' it. Seeing your sculpture totally changed my mind and now I feel 100 times better about myself! I just wanted to say that I’m really grateful for you work and think its a fantastic thing that you’ve done. Thank you so much! (for all the women out there)...

" Katreena, United States

I just wanted to write a quick thank you note for the Great Wall of Vagina. I saw it mentioned while watching a documentary on BBC America (I live in Las Vegas, NV), and looked it up online to be able to see more pictures, which my husband and I then looked at together. It's really made a huge difference in how I see my own genitals. It's a way to see a huge range without watching porn or going to a strip club (which I don't feel necessarily reflects reality in any case) which was the suggestion I'd heard before. Now every time an online friend mentions feeling self-conscious, I send her a link to your site. I think it's brilliant and beautiful, and it's helped me feel much better about myself. Thank you.

" Steve, United Kingdom

Jamie, your work was mentioned in the Journal of the Royal College of GPs - in case you did not know. Very interesting it is too. It would be very easy to overstate the importance of your efforts and get rather precious about it all - so I will try to avoid that. You are spot on when you say that women and men lack knowledge and women do worry. No doubt you will wish to avoid type-casting (if that is the mot juste) but you could go a lot farther with this and do a lot of good while you are about it. I thought of a Trajan column like structure for an alternative to the polyptych but that would be open to misrepresentation. Then I thought why not a 'Vault of Vulvas'? - a cave or arch structure lined with casts - thousands perhaps. There is an architectural term for such a structure - one that has the stylized form of a vulva - but it escapes me for the moment. You have combined representational art, education, social revolution and no little humour. Excellent.

" Lawrence, United States

I was fascinated by how your specific choice of media impacts the perception of the finished work - it is both very concrete in its precision, and very abstracted in that only a small part of any one subject is represented and the repetition results in a textural effect because the mind focuses on the grouping of tiles into frames and frames into an exhibit rather than any one tile itself. Thanks for your interesting exhibit.

" Naiomi, United Kingdom

Sorry maybe not the right email address to say, But absolutely amazing beautiful work! Ive always loved abstract and different art works and spend most my weekends in stately homes looking at castings of faces and so on, I don't know if it was done the same method then but really just wanted to say love what your doing puts a smile on my face well done.

" Pamella, Italy

Jamie, first, I would like to compliment you on your brilliant work of art....natural art: The Great Wall of Vagina. A lot of women are very self conscious of their genitalia, even to the point of surgical restructure. There is a wide array of diversity, and hopefully your art will help women to realize this.....there is no NORMAL....just UNIQUE! I was very impressed with your creation and the videos I saw....and the message coming from a male to a female....perfect! Dr. Ruth may have opened some doors, but your work of art as being far more effective. Ha! Revolutionary, you are! I wish you the best and many successes. I just think it is brilliant.....and can be a help to those with negative body image. In closing, I will say Thank you, are doing something great for a lot of women!

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