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" Otto, United States

Mr. McCartney: Irregardless of one’s stance on the procedure of genital modification, I applaud your work and its value in making the subject less taboo. As a plastic surgeon who frequently performs the procedure, the public will benefit from both its aesthetic and educational qualities. The work fascinates me. As a technician, I am puzzled by the methods you use to create the models. Outstanding!

" Jasmine, Canada

"The ethical question is: How much are you playing on women's insecurities?" Dr. Iglesia said. "Women are getting very much duped into thinking there is a standard look for the vulva." This is why I appreciate The Great Wall of Vagina so much. It's tragic the number of women who are made to feel that there is something abnormal about their bodies. Thanks for your brilliant art! :)

" Kika, Brazil

Congratulations for your beautiful work and attitude! It really helped me to 'open my mind' and accept me as I am. I hope you can exhibit your work here in Brazil. Thank you very much.

" Laura, Argentina

I just read an article about your "Great Wall Of Vagina" and the idea is brilliant to say the least. Thank you, thank you and thank you for this, and for helping us women to get to know ourselves better and stop putting our bodies into dangerous procedures to seek a misconception of the word "perfection" coined by society. It helped me understand and love my body as it is. I am so happy to know the project is going so well, hope it can reach all the women in the world. Congratulations and, again, thank you very much for your art.

" Whitney, United States

Just stumbled across your site. Fucking great. It's so cool to be reminded that everyone is different and difference is awesome. Awesome like vaginas.

" Heather, United States

I never do things like this (messaging a total stranger) but I just stumbled upon a link posted on facebook about The Great Wall of Vagina, and I've spent the last 45 minutes or so watching all the videos on your website. Then I saw that you were here on fb, and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I think you are brilliant! This is honestly something I've never thought about before, but now that I have seen all those casts, and the vast differences that exist from woman to woman, I really believe that you have done a great service to womankind. By showing us that each woman is so unique you really dispel the thought that we all need to look like what we see in images that have been photoshopped to look "perfect". Women can be so harsh in their opinions of their own bodies (as I'm sure you know) when they compare themselves to others, and I know that this beautiful work of art will help a lot of women in a very profound way! I'm a student Midwife, and if any women ever asks me if what she has looks "normal", I am going to send them straight to your website! Thank you. I really, truly, love what you have done here!

" Jodie, Australia

Hi Jamie, I'm a public health university student from Australia. I just wanted to say thank-you! Your Great Wall of Vagina piece is often bought up in our lectures and I love that you have created a public image of a REAL vagina. In Australia we have laws that says soft porn cant have much detail therefore they must all be touched up and neat. This is what curious girls and woman look at to see if they are 'normal'. Most people have no idea of these laws and decide they are ugly down there which plays on their self esteem and sometimes leads to drastic measures such as labiaplasty as you mentioned in your interviews. I think every woman needs to see this beautiful artwork. It is a stepping stone to a more accepting and open world.

" Jeremy, United States

I just saw the video of the wall of vagina. I think it was beautiful. Because of the adult industry and the media women have become so obsessed with being perfect. You show women they are all beautiful and still different. There is no "Perfect" women or man for that matter. Men are just as self conscious about size and shape. I live in the USA where the naked body is sinful and not to be viewed as something beautiful. I applaud your vision and wish you the best of luck.

" Anna, France

Good evening, I’m a French dermatologist and I’m particularly interested in vulvar pathology. I’m working in European group of study for vulvar disease. I’m fascinated by your work, which is unique, helpful, natural, and very clever. I love your idea that, if we show to the women how nature expresses itself in various way, we can make them understand that her genitals are not so abnormal!!! Thank you for that, and hope you will find your models☺ and continue your work.

" Polly Haste, Training Lead, Sex Education Forum, NCB, United Kingdom

Jamie, a few years ago you gave the Sex Education Forum permission to use some of your images in our teaching resource 'Outside the Box' to address child sexual exploitation. I just wanted to thank you for this opportunity as the images have been universally well-received by the teachers, youth workers, care workers and social workers that we train. They have found a wealth of creative ways to respond to your images to address issues such as body confidence, anatomy and sexual pleasure in an open and safe way. Your images have enabled them to explore the true range of 'normal' with vulnerable young people for whom a positive sense of their own bodies is essential for keeping safe.

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