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Viva la Vulva

The Great Wall of Vagina was finished in 2011, after five years spent casting 400 women. But the modelling requests just kept coming. So ever since that project ended he has been working on a similar follow up project, working title Viva la Vulva.

The intention was to complete and debut this work in 2021 on the 10th anniversary of The Great Wall of Vagina, when that piece went of permanent display in a museum in the USA. Unfortunately COVID-19 messed that up. Now we can announce it will be debuted this year in November 2022 to coincide with the delayed museum launch!

The idea behind the project is exactly the same. A multi-paneled artwork presenting vulva diversity as broadly as possible so nobody will ever have to worry if they are ‘normal’ again. However the concept and the format will be different. The frame size and colour with be different to distinguish the work. However it will be significantly different in two ways:

  1. It will never be finished! That’s right, we’re going to just keep on casting. Every new generation has the same anxieties and so they can have their own Great Wall to join. Nobody will ever be be disappointed that the project is finished. The wall will just grow and grow.
  2. Because there will always be more panels being made, unlike The Great Wall of Vagina which is always ten panels, there will never be a set number to display. Thus Viva la Vulva can be ten panels, or fifty, or five or just one. It can be on display in one place or many different places at the same time. It’s a constantly growing, organic, living artwork. How cool!


There is still time to participate and appear in the inaugural exhibitions so please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you…


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